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2017 Spokane Classic Results

1st place Novice Veteran Men - 2nd place Senior 3 Man Relay - 3rd place Master 3 Man Relay  

1st place Novice Junior Women - 2nd place Elite Junior Women - 2nd place Senior 2 Mixed Relay - 3rd place Senior 3 Mixed Relay

1st place Novice Sophomore Men - 1st place Novice Junior Men - 2nd place Senior 3 Man Relay - 3rd place Senior 3 Mixed Relay 

2nd place Esquire Men - 3rd place Veteran 2 Man Relay - 1st Place Esquire 2 Man Relay

1st place Senior Novice Men - 3rd place Senior 3 Mixed Relay - 3rd place Senior 2 Mixed Relay - 2nd place Senior 3 Man Relay - 3rd place Senior 2 Man Relay

3rd place Elite Veteran Men - 1st place Esquire 2 Man Relay - 3rd place Veteran 2 Man Relay - 3rd place Senior 2 Man Relay


CDA Inline Thanks our Sponsors

Ptera Internet Service
Ground Force Manufacturing LLC 
R K Graphics, Liberty Lake WA


The Coeur d'Alene Inline Speed Team has been skating at Skate Plaza for over fifteen years, offering year round training in both indoor and outdoor disciplines.
Our team ranges from age 5 to over 60 and we have room to grow! Many opportunities exist to compete in the area, and we have traveled to many different states and internationally to race. We have several skaters on our team who are National Champions, National Record Holders and multi-time Team USA members and we would love to have more.

We welcome you to come and check our great inline speed skating team because if you can skate, you can race !!


The sport of speed skating is a discipline demanding a blend of quickness, stamina, and strategy. It's fun, exciting, healthful, social, and rewarding.
Competitive speed skating is a non-contact sport, requiring skaters to display their skills to maneuver cleanly through the pack and into winning position. Skaters are disqualified for pushing, blocking, forcing another racer out of position, or using their arms, legs, or hands in any way that impedes the progress of other competitors. Skaters learn the importance of teamwork, of being persistent and organized, and of setting and reaching goals and learning to value good sportsmanship.